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Wireless Benefits in Points:

1- Data Services wherever you are -
Broadband wireless connectivity brings all data services to remote areas where copper infrastructure is unavailable or in poor quality.

2- Speed as much as you want -
Wireless broadband has no limitation in speed, you can take as much as you want for your specific requirements.

3- Independent of Telecom Infrastructure -
Wireless broadband connectivity doesn't require using Telecom Egypt infrastructure between client and Exchange, thus saving leasing fees.

4- Fast Upgrade -
Upgrading bandwidth speed takes ONLY a couple of hours.

When do you need Wireless Broadband?

  1. When your location is far from exchange ( more than 5 km)

  2. If copper lines are unavailable or of poor quality.

  3. If your location has multiple users scattered in many buildings in same area.

  4. If Internet users in your location are mobile ( moving around within area of 2-5 km)


"YALLA " High Speed Wireless broadband service features :

  1. Professional installation

  2. Turnkey solution

  3. Maintenance service

  4. Periodical Field engineer on-site visit

  5. 24/7 technical support

  6. Hardware Configuration

Interested in Wireless Solution? 
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