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Our license allows it to implement Voice over IP (VoIP) within the enterprise VPN , that enables the customer to use his VPN connection in order to make free phone calls between his branches

VOIP over VPN Benefits in Points :

  1. It's Cost Saving - For any enterprise that has multiple branches inside Egypt , it can conduct phone calls on same VPN data network saving cost of national and local calls

  2. It uses what you already have - Enterprise VOIP solution is implemented on VPN data line that you already have and with your existing Phone sets and PBX.

  3. It's easy and fast to install - Implementing a VPN VOIP solution on existing data infrastructure takes less that a week. It will be up and running in no time.

VOIP over VPN service features :

  1. Professional installation

  2. Local Loop ordering

  3. Purchasing required hardware for you , all brands available

  4. Setup for all required configuration

  5. 8 Static IP addresses and more

  6. Periodical Field engineer on-site visit

  7. 24/7 technical support


Interested in VOIP over VPN?
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