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- Premium E-Mail

Get "YALLA" Premium Mail box to send and receive email attachments or save large files. With increased storage space and powerful "YALLA " protection, your inbox will stay safe.

"YALLA" Premium Mail includes:

  • 1. POP 3/ IMAP/ SMTP Mail you can set up on Microsoft Outlook or Eudora .

  • 2. Supported mail protocols include POP, SMTP, IMAP, HTTPMail and web mail.

  • 3. Web Mail Mailbox, calendar and contact sharing, you can check your e-mail from anywhere in the world
        through any access.

  • 4. POP Retrieval allows you to "pull" messages from remote POP3 systems.

  • 5. Mail space Get the space that you want starting from 20 Mb space.

  • 6. Spam Blocker blocks more than 90% of all junk messages.

  • 7. Virus Blocker a powerful tool that scans your incoming messages for dangerous viruses before you download
        them to your computer .

  • 8. Mail forwarding and vacation messaging

  • 9. Auto Response a message that is automatically returned to those sending messages to this mailbox.

  • 10. Message filtering allows you to define rules and actions that are triggered when messages are delivered to
          this mailbox.

  • 11. Outlook synchronization - Add appointments, tasks or contacts in either web mail or Outlook and your mail will automatically synchronize these items.

  • 12. Groupware - Collaborate with other web mail users by sharing contacts, calendars and folders.

  • 13. Security - allows mail clients to connect to the server securely by ensuring that mail communications between the mail client and "YALLA" server are encrypted.

  • 14. Multiple mailbox addresses.

  • 15. Execute application on e-mail delivery to mailbox

  • 16. 24/7 Customer Support

E-mail Options:

  • 1.Add Extra space to your e-mail box

  • 2.Virtual Mail - Setup your e-mail address on your domain name


  • 1.One E-mail with 20M ---------- 39 L.E/year

  • 2.One E-mail with 30M --------- 44 L.E/year

  • 3.One E-mail with 40 M --------- 59 L.E/year

  • 4.One E-mail with 50 M --------- 72 L.E/year


Interested in Premium E-Mail?
send us e-mail at with your request and our sales team will contact you.



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