The Port Ghalib development has been designed with a
vision of the future city


The Port Ghalib resort and urban complex, already famous in the international scuba diving community, is a new development on the Red Sea Coast in Egypt, extending along 35 km of the highly attractive coastal strip to include nine tourism villages, complete with an international marina, 23 hotels, a yacht club in addition to private and luxurious housing complexes, commercial malls and entertainment facilities.

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IPTV, IP telephony and high speed Internet (Broadband).

A triple-play network is one in which voice; video and data are all provided in a single access subscription. The most common applications are Telephony, community antenna television (CATV) and high-speed Internet service. The transmission medium may be fiber optic, conventional cable ("copper") or satellite.

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YALLA MISR for Communication Technology (S.A.E), an affiliate of El_Kharafy Group, was established on April 8, 1999 and is holding a Class A license from the Telecom Regulatory Board. YALLA MISR is one of top five Internet Service Provider in Egypt that combines the best of customer-oriented management, user-focused marketing with leading-edge technology.

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Interest in a world
class career in Information
& Communication Technology ?
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